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The American War of Religion

August 13, 2020

If a viral pandemic were not enough, riots in Portland, Chicago and Seattle, reveal a deeper illness.

That illness resides in the minds and spirit of educated citizens who are moved by belief in what is called “second reality” visions.

Existence that is given in nature and the structure of an ordered soul are dismissed in pursuit of better, second realities. A Coronavirus can be defeated, but disorders inflicted on citizens where elected officials—governors, mayors and attorneys general—impose dreams of better realities than are given in our tradition of law and order cannot be resolved peacefully.

A civil war is coming where there are no “sides” fighting against one another. We are facing divisions between young and old, college educated and blue collar, faithful versus those believed to be faithless.

In other words, a religious war.

The streets of Portland, Seattle and Chicago bear striking similarity to the English civil war between “Puritans” and royalists or strife in France between Catholics and Huguenots and especially between “Red” Bolsheviks and “White” defenders of the Czar in Russia.

The danger is that these divisions may escape the confines of a few major cities and appear across the nation. Defunding the police and opposition to use of the military in civil disturbances simply opens the door to greater havoc.

We are emulating what occurred in Spain in the 1930s and we have many equivalents to Gen. Francisco Franco in the wings ready to suit up and suppress dissent.


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