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Back to School

August 15, 2020

As a depression approaches, back to School?

Not so fast!

Our country is not yet beginning to realize the destructive force of a viral pandemic.

Millions out of work, renters facing eviction, cars in line for food and schools struggling to create safe conditions for students and teachers or postponing the start of classes.All think courses can be put online, but most will be done poorly and completion rates will sink to 3% or less.

In other words, this disaster will adversely affect our most vulnerable.

Is there a solution?

Yes, but it will require restructuring public education and abandonment of social policies that dictated busing.  A concerted effort must be made to bring back the neighborhood school and neighborhoods searched for space where students and teachers may be safely relocated in groups no larger than between 15 and 25 persons.

The era of large schools is over and more parents must take responsibility for home schooling.

Universities like Arizona State with robust online degree program have decided not to reopen classroom instruction.

More students will take a “gap year” and hope that doesn’t extend to a “gap decade.” Most will return to campus if their college resumes classes and stay open until students become infected and more teachers quit or take leave.

Colleges that take courses online are not prepared for students who refuse to pay full tuition and as many as 1,000 colleges with be shut down—permanently.

We may hope for the best, but thinking about what must be done has not happened and neither President Trump nor Joe Biden have proposed a plan for dealing with a fast approaching Great Depression.


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