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A National Conservative Party

August 21, 2020

Former Trump appointees have openly rejected the hand that fed them and, in the tradition of Benedict Arnold, become “turncoats.”

That is not the worst aspect of this story.

The worst aspect is the demise of a Republican Party that opposed Progressive ideology, utopian socialism and the revival of Lenin’s call for non-Party groups to soften opposition to revolution.

Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge of limits placed on our national government by the Constitution of the United States has placed the United States at risk to domestic forces that aspire to “recover” the nation from its alleged “racism” and “sexism” and has given to our foreign enemies an open door to realizing their ambitions.

Russia seeks to reestablish a Russian Empire; Communist China has designs on the recovery of Taiwan and seeks reprisals from Japan for invading China in 1937; and the radical regime in Iran desires to spread “Islam” throughout south Asia and strike at the West’s supply of oil.

None of the former Trump appointees who have announced their support for the Democrat Party presidential candidate has a clue about what to do about the death of the GOP.

Why wait for the GOP funeral?

Now is the time to organize a National Conservative party!

If you agree, contact me at



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