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Old is Bad

August 22, 2020

Ali Velshi anchors several programs on MSNBC including a Saturday morning program that brings clarity to the Progressive ideology of MSNBC.  Though working as a journalist at several news venues, Velshi’s strength is exacerbating divisions that shape the tribalism of American society during the Trump Administration.

Velshi serves a purpose for MSNBC where he is promoted as “The journalist [who] offers a look at current events and sharp analysis of trending topics.”

A regular on Velshi’s Saturday morning program is Princeton’s Professor of African American Studies, Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Glaude on Saturday, August 22, laid out why intelligent Americans dislike the Trump Administration.

The Trump Administration represents everything in America that is old.

Law and Order—Old


I do not take notes of remarks of Velshi’s guests and this morning Glaude’s listing of all that is “Old” and should be rejected was quickly spoken, as if this theme is a “regular” in Glaude’s Princeton courses.

The reason Glaude’s spiel is dangerous is due to the popularity of New.

Who doesn’t want what is New, especially if you are a half-educated college graduate loaded with student debt who never studied how a market economy works, the origins of limits placed on the National government by the American Constitution, a “Realist,” interest oriented American foreign policy and avoided military service.

How Velshi accepts being called a “Journalist” while bringing ideological “Truths” to MSNBC is a study in self-deception. At least Eddie Glaude does not claim that he is a Journalist.

Glaude is a Professor at Princeton University.


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