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Google. A Public Utility?

September 3, 2020

Should Google be regulated like a public utility?

The Trump Administration apparently thinks so.

According to press reports, President Trump has accused Google of bias against him and the Justice Department will bring anti-Trust charges against Google.

In some ways, Google touches everyone, writes The New York Times, especially our touchy Chief Executive.

Through YouTube, Google search, Google Maps and a suite of online advertising products, consumers interact with the company nearly every time they search for information, watch a video, hail a ride, order delivery in an app or see an ad online. Alphabet then improves its products based on the information it gleans from every user interaction, making its technology even more dominant.

But is “big” necessarily “bad”?

Google got to where it is through entrepreneurial genius, a GOP virtue.

Republicans value the freedom that creates wealth. Should we now limit it?

Until Google, YouTube, or especially Google Maps distort reality, leave ‘em alone.

When will we know they have gone too far? When we cannot find our home at Google Maps.

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