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Did Trump say it?

September 8, 2020

Is it possible that President Donald Trump decided not to commemorate American US Marine Corp regiments who fought in World War I and who are honored at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery?

Probably, but only if we credit President Trump for understanding that America’s entry into the first World War was motivated by secular religion. In my 2015 study titled The Conservative Rebellion I wrote:

Woodrow Wilson’s vision of America was one of a nation ordaineto play a mighty role in history; it was only fitting, therefore,that Americans should be perceived as different from the rest of the peoples of the world. We, for example, entered World War I “for no selfish advantage.” Our troops were “the armies of God.” Accordingly, America undertook missions of redemption.

President Woodrow Wilson desired to “utterly destroy” the reality of an international order based on the balance of power of nations. If they fought and died for that, it is conceivable that President Trump called then “losers.”

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