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Where there’s smoke there’s

September 10, 2020

We have all heard the allegation that behind the smoke is the fire of hidden deep doo-doo. And sometimes there is, but in the case of Donald Trump, behind the smoke we will find Mr. Malaprop himself, Donald Trump.

If Donald Trump had kept his mouth shut, he would not have been elected. Four years later, circumstances have changed and if he keeps talking his chances of re-election are nil.

But not only can he not stop talking—he does not want to shut up. The smoke President Trump generates hides from public view his belief that any and all–even bad–publicity is good.

His Axios interview with Jonathan Swan and chats with Bob Woodward may appear to have a negative effect, if you are a “Progressive” ideologue. But most voters do not understand the world from that perspective. Those interviews may actually generate more smoke than fire.

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