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Jake Tapper’s “Journalism”

September 13, 2020

Jake Tapper’s Sunday, September 13, program on CNN went beyond the bounds of good journalism. Peter Navarro, former UC-Irvine college teacher and trade advisor to President Trump, was “hauled before the Mast” of the USS CNN and advised that he would be thrown to the sharks.

What was featured as an “interview” was a judicial “interrogation” in which the verdict, known in advance, was “Guilty.”

President Trump was guilty of hiding his knowledge of the Coronavirus and is responsible for at least 100,000 deaths that might have been prevented, if Americans were warned in early February that Covid-19 is spread via respiratory droplets.

Navarro attempted to explain a February 9 memo disseminated to President Trump and White House staff that outlined the Trump Administration’s response to Covid-19.  Navarro called it “Breaking News,” but Jake Tapper refused to listen and demanded an explanation of President Trump’s knowledge of how dangerous this virus is and that he admitted downplaying of the threat.

In my opinion Jake Tapper violated the norms of journalistic inquiry and ought to be placed on temporary leave—without pay.

CNN is secure in its knowledge of the First amendment “Freedom of Speech” protections. There too I believe CNN is incautious.  The First Amendment was appended to the Constitution by Anti-Federalists who made it a requirement for Ratification.

That was in 1789.  I would not rely on a protection that can be Amended by Constitutional procedures for Amending the Constitution.  Freedom of the Press can be diluted if enough Americans conclude that American “journalism” is out of control.

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