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Trump Meets Bob Woodward

September 16, 2020

Bob Woodward’s new book was given prime time yesterday, September 15, on Anderson Cooper’s “Late Night” news roundup on CNN.  Tomorrow is MSNBC’s turn to vilify President Trump, and to swing the 2020 Presidential election into the hands of Joe Biden and increasing the power of the Left-wing within the Democrat Party.

Donald Trump deserves criticism, but not for his “Make America Great” policies. After all, Trump is not alone in advocating a “New Nationalism.”

The peoples of former “Captive Nations” to the Soviet Union–Poland, Hungary, Georgia and even the worst of them, Belarus–are experiencing a rebirth of national consciousness.

This has alarmed the states of the European Union, long wedded to an ideology of “Internationalism” and “Globalism” and that explains the alarm of the Left in the United States and their desire to see President Donald Trump replaced by one of their own.

“Make America Great” smacks of nationalist movements that consumed Italy under Benito Mussolini or, even worse, Germany under Adolph Hitler.

Those fears are well grounded only in the neurotic beliefs and fears of the Left here and abroad because something is happening in several nation-states in Eastern Europe and in the UK. Credit President Trump for understanding that we live in an era of decline and that America needs to regain or reassert its national identity.

The Conservatives in the UK who led the Brexit movement also “get it,” as do nationalists in Eastern Europe who see a way to reverse decline of Western culture by asserting their national identity.

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