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The Bulwark Again

September 18, 2020

What is going on with our “Neoconservatives”?

Back in August 2011, I likened them to Diane Keating in the feature film, Looking for Mr. Goodbar. “Neoconservatism” is a name that they gave to themselves, but not because they were interested in limited government. Though Irving Kristol and Jeane Kirkpatrick are dead; Norman Podhoretz is 90, and Midge Decter is 93, their successor “Neos” still believe that Americans want big government.

The problem with Neoconservatism is the absence of principles of classical liberalism of Adam Smith, David Ricardo and modern day Friedrich Hayek that gave rise to the conservative Movement. I listened, however, to a podcast of “The Bulwark.”  What attracted me to listen was the topic “If Trump loses, should we lock him up.”

Putting opponents in jail is something we expect from totalitarians (Castro, Putin, Kim Jong-un) and the mere raising of that possibility without condemning it is dangerous.

Mona Charen and the others at The Bulwark are playing with fire and should stop. And Bill Kristol should reexamine his association with Charles Sykes.

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