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Liberal Education

September 20, 2020

Confusion reigns as students and parents decide to attend college. Especially today when a Coronavirus Pandemic has shuttered classroom instruction, colleges rapidly, but inexpertly, place classroom courses online and struggle to remain open, even as students on campus become infected.

While we await a safe and effective vaccine, we should invest a little time on reflection.

What is an education and, especially, what is a liberal education.

“Education” has been my love and concern from my first semester in graduate school when I took classes from Eric Voegelin, Gerhart Niemeyer and Stanley Parry.

For that reason, I was appalled by parents who paid bribes to enroll their students in prestigious universities. I felt that many parents needed to understand what’s involved in striving for an “education” and published an essay in which I offered some fundamental insights.

I also gave an interview on the subject and, in response to an opportunity to design a “Mission Statement” for a new college, I outlined what is involved in a “Liberal Education.

Before heading off to visit a college, take some time to reflect on what Education really offers to young and old alike.

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