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America–A Banana Republic

September 24, 2020

Here’s what The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman sees coming:  “deluge of mail-in ballots, a vandalized Postal Service, a resurgent effort to suppress votes, and a trainload of lawsuits are bearing down on the nation’s creaky electoral machinery.” But that is not the worst of it: “…. Trump might refuse to vacate the Oval Office if he loses.”  MSNBC founder Tom Rogers opines that Trump is planning to throw the election to the Congress to decide.

In my judgment, that is not a terrible possibility.  Democrat leaders and U.S. Senator Mitt Romney have already criticized Trump for saying “I’ll see what happens” before accepting the 2020 election outcome.

The worst possible outcome is an extra-Constitutional refusal to leave office.

President Trump’s company is under scrutiny by New York’s Attorney General for tax fraud and there are grounds for federal prosecution of the Trump Organization for possible money laundering and violation of the Federal Corrupt Practices Act.  At minimum. Eric and Donald, Jr. face stiff fines and possible time in prison. The President himself may be the first President of the United States to be sent to prison.

That is not conjecture. 

We can only conjecture about what Trump will do to avoid incarceration.

Richard Nixon threatened suicide if Gerald Ford did not pardon him. Trump is more ruthless and may attempt a military solution. That is what Trump’s military-assisted walk to St. John’s Church attempted to establish.

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