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Biden’s America

September 29, 2020

Of America’s “New Class,” Irving Kristol wrote: “Though they continue to speak the language of Progressive reform, in actuality they are acting upon a hidden agenda: to propel the nation . . . toward an economic system so stringently regulated in detail as to fulfill many of the traditional anti-capitalist aspirations of the Left.”

It is extremely difficult to comprehend if Donald Trump has a political philosophy to counter this “hidden agenda” or that he sought election intending to reorder thinking about the American and international order. Trump’s new “nationalism” is a counter to the democratic idealism of Woodrow Wilson.  Stephen Bannon’s influence is significant but when embodied in the slogan “Make America Great” that nationalism loses clarity.

Whether he knew it or not, Donald Trump clearly challenged the international order of law and organizations established since 1935. The Presidential election of 2020 should be seen, therefore, as a contest between the “Internationalist” view and a traditional order based in a “balance” of competing powers.

The Democrat Party of Joe Biden is captive to issues of importance to the “New Class” that Irving Kristol identified more than half a century ago:  climate change, race and equality, police malfeasance, public schools versus school choice and democratic “universalism” or “global” citizenship.

President Trump was elected without the requisite experience needed to govern an “administrative state” and so offended natural allies in the Republican controlled suburbs of major American cities that he lost control of the U.S. House of Representatives, suffered “Impeachment” and failed to build intellectual support from our educated classes nor develop leaders who will succeed him.

Biden will win on November 3, 2020 but then face historic economic decline seen only twice in more than a hundred years.

After America’s entry into the first “World War” that ate up 65,000 combatants, the flu epidemic followed and the Great Depression changed how government was organized. That coupled with a second “World War” tempered the optimism of Americans and gave real power to a New Class that controls the “Deep State.”

The political coalition now moving Biden to victory has no reality-based skills, however, and is likely to drive Americans to look for relief in extra-Constitutional ways that Biden and his Vice President will not surmount.

We must now ask what will become of the United States after Biden.

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