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What’s all the fuss?

October 3, 2020

Coverage of President Trump’s infection has dominated the media, if not public attention.  After all, in a Constitutional government elected officials are replaceable. If President Trump succumbs to the Coronavirus, Vice President Pence and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives are next in line of succession.

Something else is at work than reason when a President of the United States falls ill that was not the case when former Presidents were ill, underwent surgery or died. Warren Harding was succeeded by Calvin Coolidge without incident and Dwight Eisenhower had Dick Nixon readied to replace him. True, FDR didn’t keep Vice President Harry Truman in the loop about the Atom Bomb (FDR much preferred Josef Stalin) but it was not until the assassination of President Kennedy did a prescient few discern a change in attitude.

The American electorate in 1960 was seeking more than a Chief Executive, Americans sought a person to represent them in history.

Since then, we’ve come to comprehend what Arthur Schlessinger, Jr. spotted in 1973.

We now have an Imperial Presidency.

That’s what scares me about Donald Trump who believes that he is the embodiment of the nation and why I’m glad he’s in hospital where for the next two weeks his mind will be preoccupied with becoming well.

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