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Bridges for Sale

October 4, 2020

Few of us need a full suspension bridge, but the media is replete with bridges for sale. If you believe the President is ready to return to the White House, I’ve got a bridge for your special needs.

President Trump was experiencing signs requiring hospitalization and was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center where he was given two experimental drugs. One, remdesivir was administered twice, most recently yesterday, Saturday, October 3.

If I were President Trump’s physician and believed he needed more time in hospital, but was pressured to play nice and release him, I hope I would have the courage to resign.  Loaded with medication, any normal person would want these drugs to wear off before assuming he or she was on the mend.

The President’s physicians are Navy Doctors., however, and serve under orders beyond their knowledge of the medicines they practice and will do as ordered. For that reason, even if President Trump’s condition were not shrouded in secrecy, we would take whatever his physicians say with skepticism.

Fortunately, our leaders from the President on down to the Governors of our States and Members of Congress are eminently replaceable. Though the powers of the Chief Executive of the United States have been expanded to imperial levels, the occupant of the White House is not a monarch. We killed most of them over the years and those remaining live narrow, but comfortable, lives. Many party with one another and, occasionally intermarry.

Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia is King of Spain. Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth II husband, was born into Greek and Danish nobility. Like Americans who can trace their lineage to George Washington, many Europeans are direct descendants of former European monarchs and enjoy the company of one another.

The second son of Greece’s former King Constantine, Prince Nicholas, was wed in 2010 and attending the wedding were Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and husband Prince Daniel. Also attending were Queen Margrethe of Denmark, Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit as well as Netherlands Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima.

I’m glad our present aspiring King is replaceable.

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