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Fraudulent Grad Schools

October 7, 2020

Most graduate schools offer Ph.D. degree programs in History, Political Science (Government) and Philosophy. These are “bedrocks” on which our understanding of Western culture and civilization are based.

Unfortunately, if you are a Christian scholar and allow your faith to intrude into your teaching and writing, you are unlikely to experience sustained employment in college teaching. When I was a graduate student in Government at Notre Dame, Ralph McInerny, the Thomist philosopher, warned students interested in earning a Ph.D. in Philosophy that there were no teaching jobs to be found.

In other words, “Buyers beware!’

Professor Bob Paquette, who founded the Hamilton Institute at Hamilton College, devised a program to offer employment to scholars unlikely to find employment as college teachers. In one case he has employed a former professor of English Literature who left teaching because the “deconstruction” of literature by colleagues in her profession was just too much for her to bear.

My colleagues, Steve Balch and Peter Wood, gave presentations on the decline of teaching the history of Western civilization in American colleges and universities. And I went to the extraordinary length of founding a solely Internet University for traditional scholars to remain active as teachers.

Many scholars who are politically motivated will find employment as resident scholars at the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute or the Independent Institute to name three conservative/libertarian policy organizations.

Yet, professors in graduate degree programs continue to enroll aspiring Ph.D. candidates into graduate programs where they can spend eight to ten years working toward a coveted Ph.D.

Unless they follow the example of Ralph McInerny and tell them that they will never teach at a college or university, they are perpetrating a fraud.

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