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The “Deep State” is Back!

October 8, 2020

For quite some time I have watched the Progressive movement inspire Leftist attorneys to run for Attorneys General offices or to use their appointments to Federal District Court offices to advance Progressive “causes.” The Federal Court for the southern district of New York, the Attorney General of New York, Federal District Court for Massachusetts and now the Michigan Attorney General collectively represent what I call “our attorney problem.

Wealthy parents who bribed college officials to admit their college age students into colleges with high admission standards found themselves face to face with this form of judicial bias.

You don’t want to be a plaintiff in their jurisdictions if you are wealthy or a political conservative.

President Trump’s unwillingness to criticize militias has left him open to criticism by the Attorney General of Michigan who today announced indictments of seven persons who plotted vigilante violence and kidnapping of the Governor of Michigan.

Of course, this conspiracy was not revealed by dogged investigation, but by an insider paid to spy on something called “Wolverine Watchmen.” The FBI was involved because paying an informant to report and, probably, to incite members of Wolverine Watchmen to plan to act, is how the FBI operates.

When can we be rid of the FBI by replacing it with an organization with a cleaner modus operandi than that inherited from J. Edgar Hoover, and must we live in Michigan to vote for repeal of the Attorney General of Michigan?

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