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Rejection is Not Approval

October 17, 2020

Rejection of President Donald Trump’s candidacy for reelection does not signify approval of Joe Biden’s programs and policies. Yes, this is the most important Presidential election in many years. And, yes, if the Democrat nominee is elected he will introduce many policies we identify with utopian socialist movements from the Bolsheviks to Salvador Allende.

But the American people on November 3, 2020 are rejecting Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden, but they are not approving Biden’s policies.

A principle of American politics is that the American people are endowed with a reservoir of common sense. Though that reservoir has experienced significant drainage since the 1960s, our people are not ideologues. Eventually, they will respond to good leadership when it appears to challenge bad policies.

I expect that will happen early in 2021 and that we should be alert for when those voices are raised. They heard Donald Trump’s voice in 2016 and will be listening for different voices in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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