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Trump Won!

October 23, 2020

On points and demeanor, President Donald Trump defeated his opponent, former Vice President, Joe Biden. But it was on the level of vigor, not debate points, that Trump demonstrated that Joe Biden is out of step with the idea of a freedom loving country.

You would not know that by watching the disgraceful, biased, “reporting” of CNN or MSNBC.  These adjuncts of the opposition Democrat Party that operate in disguise as “journalism” made the coronavirus Pandemic THE ISSUE and ignored what on its face is THE REAL ISSUE:  Joe Biden used his office to personally enrich himself and will turn over his country to a New Class of “Progressive” experts.

Will this one event turn voters toward reelection of the President? Perhaps not, but the next four years promise to become a contest between this New Class of “Progressives” and the fundamental common sense of freedom-loving Americans who love their carbon fuel powered automobiles, their private or Charter Schools and their churches, cathedrals and synagogues.

Over the longer term of the next four years we will know if the administrative State is our ruler or whether “We the People” are the governors of a Constitutional Republic!

I’m betting on “We the People” at 20 to 1!

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