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“Bad Journalism” at CNN

October 25, 2020

How can a news service founded by entrepreneur Ted Turner become anti-American?

I rejoiced when I heard what Turner was creating in 1980, but quickly learned that CNN was not news that was opposed to the dominant Liberalism of American media.

Like American colleges and universities that are totally dominated by the Progressive Left, even it you tried like Jack Eckerd to support a Presbyterian college in his own likeness by naming it Eckerd College or Tom Monahan, to found a college that was different in post-Vatican II Catholic higher education. You can’t.

The “kultur” works against you.

Twenty years after its first broadcast, CNN features the handiwork of Jeff Zucker who promotes “international” talent like Fareed Rafiq Zakaria or sycophants like Brian Zelter. In this essay I explain why “Bad Journalism” dominates American “journalism.”

Read it and weep.

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