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A Conservative’s Lament

October 28, 2020

What once we called a “Conservative Movement” was a misnomer based in ignorance. “Classical Liberalism” of Adam Smith and David Ricardo became a political religion and lost its basis in the science of markets, wealth creation and the role of entrepreneurs who are the actual creators of “markets.”  And what we called “Conservatism” too often featured the “ism” and not the philosophic and theological basis of political order in Christianity and culture and civilization in the West.

While that intellectual decline played out to its logical conclusions, our one conservative Party in America was led by a long train of “Internationalist” presidents. And when, finally, a Republican politician appeared who seemed to call us back to an earlier time of order and a society where civility prevailed, we discovered that there was “no there there.”

Richard Rahn’s essay on the corruption of journalism appears in today’s Washington Times, but you have to subscribe for $39 to read it. Last week the Financial Times published a very positive report on the foreign policy of the Trump Administration, but you have to subscribe at a cost of $100.

The Democrat Party candidate for President sold access to the Obama Administration for cold cash when he was Vice President, but that story has been ignored by print, broadcast and cable media except for an interview yesterday with Tony Bobulinski by Tucker Carlson and a story in the New York Post.

The only possible “good news” in the near future is the possibility that a Biden Administration will introduce policies so far to the Left that American voters will rebel and a series of new leaders and a National Conservative Party will respond to their lament.

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