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Joe Biden–War President

October 29, 2020

Political conservatives who served in Republican Administrations in positions that brought them face to face with nations that pursue their national interests are aware that we live in danger from our historic adversaries.

For that reason, we watched with trepidation the ploy to oppose the People’s Republic of China (PRC) against the USSR by Richard Nixon. That led to mistakes by later Republican Presidents like George H. W. Bush who was co-opted by the PRC and persuaded that a totalitarian nation would be transformed by trade.

Bush 41’s son, George W. Bush invaded Iraq on dubious grounds removing a counter to Islamic radicals in Afghanistan and Iran and hegemony of Iran was sealed by President Barack Obama who favored Muslim Turkey and thought Iran’s hard line Islamists could be bought with cold cash.

Underlying the curious friendship between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are these three issues: 1) the domestic threat of Chechnyan Islamic radicals, 2) Communist China’s desire for revenge for Japanese atrocities committed on China in World War II and 3) memories of Russia’s losses to Japan in the Russo/Japanese war of 1904/05. That war was fought over access to a warm water port and control of Korea North of the 39th Parallel.

Throw Kim Jong-un’s People’s Republic of Korea into this cauldron and you can understand why President Trump wanted to visit North Korea.

While we political conservatives await what a radical-Left Democrat Party will do in 2021 to destroy the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court and abolishing the Electoral College, our foreign enemies are aware that if the Democrat candidate wins the November 3 election, the United States is weakened and vulnerable.

Will Iran block passage of oil through the Strait of Hormuz? Will the PRC teach Japan a lesson by moving to impede commerce between Japan and the West? Will it move to retake Taiwan? Will North Korea attack South Korea? Will Russia take Ukraine?

Not if they believe that Joe Biden is an effective “War President’”

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