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Marquette Again!

November 4, 2020

In July 2018 Marquette University’s decision to suspend conservative Political Science Professor John McAdams was reversed by the Wisconsin  Supreme Court. If you visit Marquette University’s website for “John McAdams” you won’t find that decision cited.

Marquette is back in the news for imposing sanctions on a student for conducting a demonstration against Marquette for plans to cut several hundred faculty and staff.

Marquette’s President, Michael Lovell, is an inept engineering professor chosen by Marquette University academic factions because he is malleable.

Like most Catholic colleges, Marquette chooses to call itself a Jesuit University because it lacks sufficient numbers of Catholic faculty to qualify use of “Catholic” in its name and mission statement. Instead Marquette promotes its “Jesuit values” which means “Politically correct” and committed to “Social Justice.” For that undergraduates pay $45,000 in annual tuition and fees of $800.

Marquette’s enrollment “this year … is 424 students short of where it needs to be for its budget, meaning that it has only about 1,650 students in its freshman class.” Next year Marquette estimates that enrollment will decrease by 250.

Frankly, I suspect that Marquette’s decline will be greater and faster than estimated and by 2023, Marquette will join the 1,000-plus private colleges that will close.


President Biden’s promise of free university “education” at public universities and failure to produce a safe vaccine for Covid-19. Why pay $45,000 a year to live on campus and take online courses? For a non-existent “Catholic” education?

As we say in Brooklyn–fuggedaboutit!

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