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Four “Takes”–Election 2020

November 6, 2020

Roll Over and Play Dead, Pt. 3

Administration of Government by Chaos

President Trump himself played the “Roll Over and Play Dead” game.

In the by-election of 2018, Republicans lost a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.  A principal reason for that loss was the growing understanding that Donald Trump was unqualified to hold the high office to which he was elected in 2016.

Trump’s philosophy of government based on traditional order recalled post-World War II America and an electorate who adhered to a civil religion of “Americanism.”

Donald Trump believed in that world because that was the world in which he grew up. But his understanding was impaired by the affliction of Dyslexia. That explains his reliance on cable and broadcast media for understanding of whatever he wanted to know.

If Donald Trump had read a book on American history, economics or the Constitution of the United States he might have responded to losses in the elections of 2018 in ways other than in Tweets, bluster and daily preening before the cameras.

He had not even read the Bible and could not tell inquisitive reporters if he had a favorite Bible verse.

His staff consisted of members of his family or ex-Generals and Admirals and the wealthy. Again, efforts were made to give President Trump advice, but none “stuck.”  The Trump Administration gave the appearance of administration by chaos. Just “Roll Over and Play Dead.”

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