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Four “Takes”–Election 2020

November 6, 2020

Roll Over and Play Dead, Pt. 1

As we watched cable news coverage as the polls were about to close on November 3, the decision of voters was “known” at MSNBC and CNN before the polls closed. We call that ideological “bias” similar to the dominant ideology of schools of Journalism where these cable “journalists” were educated.

Steve Kornaki and Michael Steele gave a semblance of professionalism to MSNBC’s coverage, but the balance was weighted to far Left Democrats.

Blitzer was eager to take control suggesting that his age (72) was showing in the face of much younger colleagues.

FoxNews though predictably to the Right of the Left at MSNBC and CNN display “heft” in the seasoned reporting of Brit Hume and the brilliant insights that Tucker Carlson displays in his breathless expressions of outrage.

Still, at least on cable news programming, the message to Republicans on election eve was “Roll Over and Play Dead “

Cable Media & Election 2020 Coverage


Rachel Maddow           Joy Reid    Claire McCaskill

Anderson Cooper        Al Sharpton

Steve Kornaki               Michael Steele


Wolf Blitzer                   Jake Tapper        

Dana Bash                    John King            Abby Phillip


Bret Baer             Tucker Carlson

Chris Wallace      Brit Hume

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