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Biden’s Corrupt Pay Back

November 19, 2020

In my 2017 study of the American system of higher education, published by St. Augustine’s Press, I recall how colleges and universities use their “accreditation” to block competition from solely-online universities.

“Full” accreditation by “Regional” accreditation associations enables acceptance of degree credits and degrees earned at “Regionally Accredited” institutions. If you want to go to Law or Medical School or study to become a Librarian, you must earn a degree from a “Regionally Accredited” institution.

“Regionally Accredited” institutions must offer 51% of classes in classrooms of a physical “campus.”

As I explain in The Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher Education, a solely Online degree granting college that I founded in 2000 required financing of about $10,000 in order to start offering courses for degree credit and about $300,000 a year in operating funds. 

Most of that sum was expended while seeking state authorization and accreditation.

The difference in tuition is about $800 less than tuition per course at “Regionally Accredited” institutions. A college degree can cost $8,000 not $80,000.

That is the price the Education Cartel requests from long suffering education consumers.

Keeping solely Internet based online institutions from attaining “Regional Accreditation” is how “Regionally Accredited” institutions keep tuition income high.

That is what “Cartels” do and now the Biden Administration plans to give “Regionally Accredited” institutions a munificent pay back for their political support. The new Biden Administration is now asked by the Cartel to cancel all student loan indebtedness.

Where I come from that is called “corruption.”

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