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Corrupting our Youth

December 1, 2020

Retrenchment, budget, staff and faculty cuts are now underway throughout American higher education. We can see that in a response by faculty, students and staff at Jesuit Colleges reported in today’s This type of activism will not affect decision-making, but it does bring public attention to issues at Jesuit institutions.

Program integrity and “”jobs” however are secondary to failure to sustain commitment to religious faith that these colleges are expected to sustain.

Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of “backsliding” at Catholic and Protestant colleges.

I’m probably not as upset as I should be by the likely closure of 1,000 colleges over the next two years as expressed in this interview. But, dear God, have compassion for long suffering education consumers and be outrated by domination of America’s colleges and universities by the “Progressive” Left.’

“They”—college presidents, provosts and faculty–are corrupting our youth!

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