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No Lights in PRC Camps

December 3, 2020

Yesterday, Wednesday December 2, a week after our Thanksgiving holiday, you and I and our neighbors are beginning to see bright blue, green and white colored lights of Christmas at scattered houses and windows of neighbors.

In Hong Kong, Communist authorities sentenced two democracy activists and one dissident named Ivan Lamb to prison where there are no Christmas lights in the camps reserved for anti-Communists.

Joshua Chong and Agnes Chow and an activist for sexual freedom disdained by China’s Communist Party were sentenced to prison for opposing policies imposed on a relatively stable and until now—free—Hong Kong. A year ago a photo of 11-year-old protestors exposed how deep is distrust and hatred of Xi Jinping, the president and whatever else Communist Chinese call their leader of their totalitarian State.

Unfortunately even when the Han Chinese, subjected to Communist rule since 1949, finally dispatch Xi Jinping to the place in Hell reserved for the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao, the alternative to Imperial power in China is not democratic government nor the “Republic” envisioned by Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

In ten years, officers in the People’s Liberation Army will divide the Chinese nation into several territories. They, in turn, will vie with one another for hegemony and engage in civil war. That’s a dangerous prospect which Joe Biden will have to address.

After the release of Covid-19 in a PRC virus warfare laboratory, President Trump resolved to severely limit access to the United States by PRC nationals, circumvent the PRC’s theft of U.S. intellectual resources, compel American manufacturers to source products from countries other than the PRC, and imposed tariffs on PRC imports.

Will Hunter Biden’s advice to his Dad be to reverse what President Trump had begun?

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