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Leading Us Into a New Era

December 6, 2020

Between May 2018 and May 2020, I’ve written five essays that reflect on social and political life “After Trump.”

After Trump

A Worst Possible Case: After Trump

After Trump

After Trump: Death of the Republic

After Trump Comes Civil War

It was clear that the election of Donald Trump in 2016 was a portent of realignment of our two-Party system. The long line of Presidents who stood in the “Internationalist” mold shaped by Woodrow Wilson was coming to an end.

I sensed that as early as 1995 when I proposed writing a book that I titled the “Fifth Paradigm.” I expressed that in a letter to Professor Gerhart Niemeyer, my mentor at Notre Dame, and that generated this response.

Not until 2015, ten years later, was I able to publish a book that described how we may be looking at a possible recovery of social and political order from a disease of the soul with which President Woodrow Wilson infected civil society. We call that disease a political religion of which there are many but Wilson’s political religion of “Democracy” shaped American politics until challenged in 2016.

I titled that The Conservative Rebellion.

We political conservatives are “Rebels” who stand in a long tradition of rebellion going back to what we call “the spirit of ’76.” That “rebellion” didn’t stop on November 3, 2020; it will continue.

As time passes into a new political era that we may call “After Trump,” we must ask who will step forward to lead traditional America away from a radical future envisioned by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and former President Barrack Obama?

President Trump left no top appointees with claims to that leadership and the array of politicians he defeated in 2016 had drunk the Bush “Kool Aid.” Somewhere in American politics, however, there is new leadership, but where?

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