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Trump Must GO

December 10, 2020

President Donald Trump defeated his Democrat opponent in 2016 but it is doubtful he would have won election had he run against a Democrat other than Hillary. He would not have won the GOP nomination had his opponents not been drinking George W. Bush’s “Kool Aid.”

Donald Trump was unqualified to serve and botched most of his programs due to lack of knowledge of government. He didn’t know anyone with prior government experience in the many federal agencies he needed to control.

Four years into Donald Trump’s term he admitted that he “did not understand how deep was the Deep State.”

Nor, apparently, did he understand how ballots are bought, stolen nor counted improperly. And now, claiming that the election was stolen, he proposes to change the outcome.

If he started in 2017 to seek reform of state election laws, he might just have squeaked by in 2020 and been re-elected.

The problem President Trump is now creating will lead to disgust with our electoral process and give Trump a false claim to staying in office. If he tried to remain in power, that will lead to rioting and killings that will make Salvador Allende’s last days seem like a church picnic.

Elections are designed to deter violence, not create it.

Please Mr. President, go quietly.

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