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“Intellectual” On the Make

December 15, 2020

FoxNews reported yesterday that President-Elect Joe Biden is considering appointing Samantha Power to head USAID.

Republicans have long memories and if Republicans keep control of the U.S. Senate, that nomination will experience a long and painful death.

Samantha Power is a typical case of how careers in academe and government are made by “intellectuals” who publish books on topics favored by the “Left University” and by earning graduate degrees at “the best” institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, CU-Boulder and USC.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, whose 2019 book about her service in the Obama Administration was reviewed by Barton Swain in the Wall Street Journal, is an ideologically motivated Leftist with a “Johnny one-note” interest in “global justice” and the pursuit of power.

Her ability to discern common interests with the wealthy and powerful led her to a wealthy benefactor, Gregory Carr, and the staff of a junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Powers parlayed that position into work on the Obama Presidential campaign and appointment as U.N. Ambassador.

Power’s career indicates what the “fast track” to success within the Left University system requires, if you’re “on the make.”:

1)  work on the campaign of a successful candidate for President;

2)  a major prize for publishing in an area of Leftist “Progressive” interest;

3) a patron who is, essentially, uneducated, but extremely wealthy;

4) a Harvard law degree and

5) affiliation with the Kennedy School at Harvard University that attracts endowments for ideological area studies from wealthy benefactors.

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