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Indict the AP

December 21, 2020

JONATHAN LEMIRE, ZEKE MILLER and DARLENE SUPERVILLE are journalists employed by the Associated Press (AP). Here is a list of 25 indictments that Lemire, Miller and Superville bring against President Donald Trump. Read them and ask yourself whether we have a problem with modern “journalism.”

1. Trump Governs by whim and tweet

Yes, Trump used “Twitter,” in order to keep his presence known and in daily communication with the public.

2. Deepened the nation’s racial and cultural divide

Much less than President Barack Obama

3. Undermined faith in American institutions

Meaning what, that he changed the course of government toward the national interest?

4. Failed to provide leadership during the worst pandemic

He did not think a nationwide lockdown was good policy

5. Smashed conceptions about how presidents behave


6. Stretched presidential power beyond the limits of the law (Beschloss)

When and where?

7. Eroded Americans’ views of institutions of government

Meaning what? He changed policy

8. Waged an assault on the federal bureaucracy, casting a suspicious eye on career officials he deemed the “Deep State”

Thank God!

9. Attacked the intelligence agencies

That was long overdue

10. Targeted the Supreme Court for insufficient loyalty

By appointing qualified conservatives

11. Targeted the post office for its handling of mail-in ballots

Trump should have privatized the USPS

12. Unwilling to accept the electoral outcome of the 2020 election

His most grievous failing

13. Damaged the credibility of his successor

Biden did that to himself over a too-long career in government

14. Didn’t release his tax returns or divest himself from his businesses

Trump’s second most grievous fault

15. Undermined his own scientists

By not wearing a mask?

16. Used government property for political purposes, including the White House as the backdrop for his renomination acceptance speech.

True, but there were reasons of security

17. Used National Guard troops to clear a largely peaceful protest across from the White House

“Largely peaceful” means that some violence occurred

18. Cast doubt on once-inviolable alliances like NATO

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO members should have been told that collective security was NATO’s responsibility

19. His “America First” foreign policy emanated more from preconceived notions of past slight

“Nationalism” is the new reality

20. Unilaterally pulled troops from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Syria

As Commander and Chief, that is his prerogative

21. Refused to embrace mask-wearing

If I can see a politician’s face, I can tell if he’s lying

22. Pulled out of multinational environmental agreements, an action that scientists warn may have accelerated climate change

India and China are the greatest polluters. Tell them to clean up their pollution

23. Stepped away from accords that limited Iran’s nuclear ambitions

Really? A First Strike would have been better?

24. Injured the nature of the U.S.-China relationship, dimming hopes for a peaceful emergence of China as a world power

Are you serious?

25. Trump defied health guidelines and addressed packed, largely mask-less crowds

That’s called “campaigning”

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