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Trump’s Plan

December 21, 2020

Is President Trump planning to stay in Office?

When I asked that question on December 15, I sensed that though President Donald Trump was a recalcitrant, sore loser, the odds against reversing the 2020 election of Joe Biden were too great to even contemplate such an act.

However, going back as far as the President expressed a desire to hold a 4th of July parade to emulate France’s celebration of Bastille Day, the thought occurred to me that President Trump was capable of such an unconstitutional act.

President Trump believes that he is not merely chief executive, but he is the embodiment of national will and is justified to act against persons and parties who seek to replace him.

At first, I placed the blame on Roger Stone for flattering The Donald to believe that he should become President of the United States and then persuaded him to campaign for the Office of President.

Anticipating that President Trump might not be reelected, three months ago Roger Stone encouraged the President to stage a coup d’état. Yesterday we learned that former National Security Advisor to the President, retired Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, met with President Trump in the Oval Office where they discussed imposing Martial Law to overturn the election result.

Clearly, the President is considering how to stay in office.

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