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Education or Vocation

December 23, 2020

The Vocational Education “Game”

Why earn a college degree if your goal is to learn a vocation?

Here is a list of vocational training programs offered by most universities that can cost as much as $25,000 a year in tuition plus the cost of room, meals and fees:

Bookkeeping, Computer Programming, Dance, Drawing & Graphic Design, Merchandising, Film Production, Painting, Sport Management

There are dozens more. But, if you’re not sure that you want a vocation or education, why not enroll in a low cost “training” course.

Or get a job! Keeping the “books” can be learned “on-the-job.” If that is your interest why not get a starting job as an apprentice to someone who is responsible for bookkeeping?

You think computers and IT are “hot”?

Udacity offers courses in computer programming for $399 a month for three months! Also check out a company called “Coursera.”

If you really want professional training, don’t enter a university for a degree, consider enrolling in a certificate program—then “hustle.”

Retail sales? There are courses that teach you to “source” products and organize them for retail sales. The Brooks Group offers sales training. Check it out!

You want to be a film producer or director? Get a low-level job on a film production. WarnerMedia produces films for HBO. Creative Artist Agency does films, too. Check out their employment pages.

You will know if you can draw early in life, so take a course that teaches you to draw or paint professionally!

You love baseball?

There are many minor league teams that will employ you. You’ve got to start somewhere! Here’s a list of minor league baseball teams. Find a team near you and call the owner.

But a true “Education” in the Liberal Arts is invaluable, so here’s the “straight skinny” about that!

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