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Picking Up After a Loss

December 24, 2020

Something has happened in American politics that led to the election of an outsider as President of the United States in 2016. That election moved American domestic and foreign policy in new directions.

Until Republicans assess and reach agreement on the reasons for their loss in 2020, recovery of the GOP is in doubt.

On this Republicans must agree first: though the Republican candidate lost the 2020 election his policies were not rejected—only Donald Trump lost the election. The Presidential election of 2020 revealed a desire of Americans not to move in a radical Leftward direction.

The Republican Party must now ask whether it understands the lesson the American voter taught the Republican Party in 2020.

Finding answers to that lesson will be painful because every Republican President from Dwight Eisenhower through Bush 43 supported the ideas embodied in Woodrow Wilson’s political religion—until the election of President #45, Donald J. Trump.

Election of a political novice whose overall actions defended tradition, in contrast to 1960’s “Liberalism,” set Donald Trump apart from John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John McCain and a host of others like them.

These key aspects of President #45’s policies affirm that a revived GOP is prepared to meet the challenges of the next decade.  They include eleven policies:

  1. Espousal of “Nationalism” consciously opposed to Internationalism.
  2. Emphasis on lower tax rates.
  3. Affirming the private sector over and against growing the public sector.
  4. Constraining a New Class of “experts who tell us “they” know best.
  5. Education “choice” in opposition the public-school monopoly.
  6. Opposition to “Progressive” domination of higher education.
  7. Replacement of regulations that sustain high tuition cost.
  8. Rejection of the use of U.S. military for “nation-building.
  9. Willingness to use military force in defense of the national interest.
  10. Affirm efforts to constrain totalitarian Communist China and
  11. Affirmation of Western culture and principles that support order and Justice.
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