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Nashville and CNN

December 27, 2020

Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville are major cities in Tennessee that are easily reached by air into Nashville airport. I’ve been there so often that I always plan on having Barbeque at the airport restaurant and remind myself that Knoxville is in the Eastern time zone and Nashville is Central.

Tennessee is a low tax state which explains why Art Laffer moved his company from California to Tennessee.

On Christmas morning an RV loaded with explosives was parked next to the AT&T transmission building in Nashville and exploded.

The local police, followed by more than 200 FBI investigators, is on the scene and searching for the person responsible.

If you follow “procedures” from the bomb site you can look for evidence leading to an answer to the question “Why”?

But why not begin by asking what is the relevance of AT&T?

That leads to CNN.

The perpetrator of this act is pissed off by the Leftist bias of CNN and intended to send a message to the company that owns this biased cable media news “service.”

If I were Jeff Zucker, I would alert the FBI to come and protect CNN’s Atlanta HQ.

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