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After Georgia

January 5, 2021

Much has been said about the importance of today’s election for two U.S. Senators in Georgia. Some believe that if Democrats control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, one Party domination will forever change American politics.

That reasoning relies on the assumption that a viable Republican Party will emerge after Trump leaves office.

In a recent blog I argue that the decline of the GOP was assured by Republican Internationalists from Eisenhower through Bush 43 that led to the fluke election of a political novice with a view that 1950s America was better and that we could return to that better era by affirming a nationalism intending to “Make America Great.” Unstated was the assumption that making the world great was a stupid idea.

Yet that was the civil religion of the United States since Woodrow Wilson committed the United States to a democratic project that saw the power of the United States committed to spreading democracy across the globe.

That “globalism” led to wars and war weariness which Trump saw as his “main chance” and proclaimed as recently as yesterday in a speech in Atlanta that he did not get us into another war.

Trump was rejected for his incompetence and left open the field for a competent successor who rejects the Internationalist ideology and aligns the United States with other nations affirming their independence and the priority of national sovereignty.

Unfortunately, no current elected Republican Governor, Senator or House Member has given any indication that they understand what even Trump vaguely intuited. Until a leader appears conveying that insight, the GOP will cease to be a national political Party.

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