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American Politics in Transition

January 6, 2021

Every Republican President from Dwight Eisenhower through Bush 43 supported the ideas embodied in Woodrow Wilson’s political religion—until the election of President #45, Donald J. Trump. That President took American government in a new “Nationalist” direction.

Due to President #45’s incompetence, he was defeated by an old 60’s Liberal and Democrats are pinning the hopes on a revival of 60’s Liberalism that is Internationalist in orientation and reliant upon the expertise of an expanded “Administrative State.”

This year, 2021 Anno Domini, the world has changed.

Domestically we are relieved of the burden of segregation and we understand that so-called “Great Society” programs were proven failures. For a full examination, please read my review of Amity Shlaes “new history” of the Great Society. Reliance on government as 60’s Liberals are want to do will fail.

In foreign affairs, too, the world had changed and new policies are needed.

The Soviet Union has died and Russia poses a long threat to our national interest, but first must rebuild the old Russian Empire. Only Communist China remains as a surviving memory of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. Islamic radicalism has risen and controls the government of Iran. See my analysis of the rise of Islam.

As president Biden assumes office, he will face new realities that cannot be addressed by 60s Liberalism. That suggests that American politics is in transition and the nation must wait for new leadership to appear. The men in the GOP let us down, so I’m betting that if new leadership that is required can be found, that will arise from a new cohort of Republican Party women politicians.

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