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Bye Bye Betsy DeVos

January 8, 2021

Though President Donald Trump founded and closed “Trump University,” I had hoped that he would appoint someone to administer higher education that broke down barriers to regional accreditation of solely online institutions disseminating programs and courses at low cost via the Internet.

A competent, well-designed course with a qualified instructor can be offered at 50% to 60% less than the average cost of $1,000 per course. Without the overhead of a campus and operating from a home office or a rented office costing $500 a month, startup colleges could qualify for “regional accreditation,” but for a regulation that in order to qualify 51% of courses must be offered in classrooms.

I started such a solely Internet delivered institution, wrote a book about it and gave public presentations that explained why college tuition cost was so high and how to reform this system that was burdening education consumers with debt.

Though all that was necessary for the Trump Administration to provide relief from regulatory barriers to competition was for “the Department” to threaten loss of “recognition” as a qualified accreditation “agency” of the six “regional” accreditation agencies—the “Department” did nothing.

Due to the spread of Covid-19, almost every higher education institution began to shutdown classroom instruction and inexpertly convert courses into “online” courses–thus violating the accreditation “Standard” that qualified those courses for regional accreditation.

The “Department” did nothing.

The personnel selected to administer Department programs were typical Trump Administration appointees: Betsy DeVos, a billionaire, and Mitchell Zais, a retired Army General.

Lesser munchins were appointed to actually administer programs, but if you are third in line in authority at a federal agency your ability to institute controversial reforms is limited.

Yesterday Betsy DeVos resigned her appointment. Once again, with Ann Margaret, we join in singing “Bye Bye.”

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