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Two Books

January 14, 2021

My Facebook page is used to place what I’ve posted at my “blog” located at Since Facebook will outlive me and my personal “blog,” a small record of my ideas and musings will remain long after I’m gone. I was trained to be a political theorist, so the primary vehicles for my writing are scholarly books. I have completed two new books and am seeking a publisher:

Rise and Fall of the American Empire

Conscience and Power

Recently I’ve been posting chapters from books on more popular subjects at the “Substack” website:

The Future of American Politics assesses contemporary American politics and predicts that the Republican Party will cease to have a presence in national politics due to the maladministration of President Donald J. Trump.

Ennobling Encounters is a story of public persons that I’ve met whose friendship has ennobled my life.

Take a look, if you’re interested!

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