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New Acronyms

January 19, 2021

Election of President Trump’s successor introduces a reinvigorated “Administrative State” with changing attitudes in the Office of President of the United States and support structures.

Some things will not change, however. 

So-called “Higher Education” will remain the ideologically driven “Left University” that will continue its attack on limits placed on government by the American Constitution ratified in 1789.

The acronym for our Left University is “LE.”

“POTUS” changes to “POTAS” to reflect that our Chief Executive is “President of the Administrative State.”

The saving mission conferred upon POTAS creates an aura of Sainthood transforming Joe Biden into “Saint Biden,” the acronym for which is “SB.”

SB’s role in not mere governing. SB’s role is to save the Administrative State’s Ass.

That acronym is “ASS.”

And the acronym for our “journalists” is “JoASS.” A JoASS understands that his/her role is always to protect ASS.

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