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The GOP’s New Leader

January 21, 2021

President Trump challenged the GOP by adopting policies contrary to the Internationalist direction in which the nation had been directed by both parties since World War II.

Why he took the Party and the Nation in that direction was never explained and his loss in the 2020 election, Impeachment and likely conviction will remove him from an active and traditional role in American politics.

He may try to work from outside the system by extra-legal methods, but that leaves a GOP in search of new leadership.

Fortunately from an otherwise banal group of Trump Administration appointees one genuine leader stands out. If he takes the initiative as I expect, Mike Pompeo, will lead the Republican Party back from oblivion.

He can do that by countering Progressives in the new Biden Administration on issues where their policies are not based in reality: environment, carbon emissions, race, education, equality and gender.

By meeting proposals of this loopy element seeking control of American government with reality-based policies, these “Progressives” can be pushed back into the recesses where diseased spirits are generated: higher education, government agencies of the Deep State and the churches and theological seminaries, both Catholic and Protestant, where “faith” is converted into a “religion” of social activism.

Mike Pompeo, a graduate of West Point and first in his class, is a former Congressman, former Director of the CIA and U.S. Secretary of State, and most important for Republican Politics, Pompeo is an Italian-American. He is a young 58 years of age, and fervently “patriotic.”

Ever since Communist China released the Covid-19 virus and did not alert the United States of the danger that virus presented to the United States and other countries, President Trump did not turn the other cheek. He unleashed Mike Pompeo to lead that attack.

On July 23, 2020, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave an address at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California that spelled out the Trump Administration’s position on U.S./Communist China relations. Given the importance of this retaliatory policy– and the likelihood of its reversal by a Biden Administration—I encourage everyone to watch Mike Pompeo’s remarks and consider that he gave them at a Presidential library not Harvard. Ordinarily the remarks of a U.S. Secretary of State are archived for access at the State Department’s website, but the foreign service “officers” at State have “deep-sixed” the transcript.

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