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Trump’s Mischief and Radical Democrats

January 30, 2021

I have to admit that the one course on Constitutional Law that I took as an undergraduate didn’t teach me the “right stuff” about “Con Law.” Not until I took two semesters of Constitutional Law in graduate school did I begin to grasp the genius of our written Constitution. As I prepared to teach two courses on Constitutional Law as a college teacher, I explored Madison’s Notes of the Convention of 1787 and later dipped into the Ratification Debates of 1789.

For that reason I can understand how a Dyslexic President of the United States could misunderstand the powers of the Executive in relation to the powers of the Congress and completely misinterpret the power of the Vice President to change votes in the Electoral College when they are tallied.

President Trump believed that he was not merely chief executive; he was the embodiment of national will and was justified to act against the Congress when it met in joint session on January 6..

The election for president in 2020 was “stolen.”

Believing that he was unjustly robbed of victory he took actions that led to incitement to reverse the count of votes in the Electoral College.

Anticipating that he might not be reelected, he listened to Roger Stone who in October 2020 encouraged the President to stage a coup d’état.

Two months later on December 20, former National Security Advisor to the President, retired Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, met with President Trump in the Oval Office where they discussed imposing Martial Law to overturn the election result.

On January 3 Trump cajoled Georgia’s Secretary of State but failed to change the count of votes in Georgia in his favor. He also pressured the Vice President to reverse the count of votes in the Electoral College.

When that failed and still determined to stay in office, President Trump hit upon the idea of convening his followers on the Capitol grounds on January 6 and inciting them to march on the Capitol where the Senate and House were convened to record the 2020 Electoral College results.

In doing that, Donald Trump committed a seditious act and destroyed the near term ability of the Republican Party to oppose the new President and radical members of the Democrat Party.

Only further mischief by Donald Trump can empower the radicals in the Democrat Party and thwart the commonsense of the American people as they support opponents of legislation that the Democrats propose.

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