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It’s Over

February 9, 2021

Daniel McCarthy, editor of Modern Age, the prestigious journal founded by Russell Kirk, has published a prediction in the Spectator (US) for February 9 that prophets of doom who predict the death of the GOP are mistaken.

I beg to disagree with my friend: missing in McCarthy’s essay is appreciation of the magnitude of Donald Trump’s crime against the Republic and the fatal damage done to the Republican Party by Trump’s sedition.

The name Aaron Burr and “Burr’s conspiracy” must be recalled in order to appreciate the damage done to Donald Trump’s reputation by his incitements to sedition prior to and leading up to the events of January 6.

That stigma assures the decline of the role in national politics of the Republican Party. 

Trump’s election as President in 2016 was evidence that American voters were done with Republican and Neoconservative enthusiasm for wars to impose democracy on countries in which there is no democratic culture. Republican and Neoconservative lust for Nation-building created massive war weariness and a willingness to vote for a Republican candidate for President who promised “no more wars.”

In 2016 it was readily apparent that every aspirant for the Republican nomination in 2016–except for Sen. Rand Paul and Donald Trump—had drank deeply the “Kool Aid” of President George W. Bush and had enrolled in the “war faction” within the GOP.

What was not noticed was Donald Trump’s personal inadequacies that assured he could not comprehend Constitutional limits placed on our Chief Executive. Trump’s reading ability is impaired by Dyslexia and Trump did not understand nor did he ever learn that the President of the United States may not direct his Vice President to reverse the tally of votes in the Electoral College.

Trump’s incompetence based in ignorance and the unwillingness by Republican members of Congress to condemn Trump’s treason assures that a realignment of America’s Two Party system will lead to reshaping our politics into a system of multi-party competition for power. Within that system the GOP will not be Primus inter pares—first among equals. By the year 2028 when another Presidential election occurs, the Republican Party will be an unequal third contender behind a National Conservative Party.

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