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Women Republicans

February 10, 2021

President Trump reversed long standing “Internationalist” policies and called for a return to American nationalism.  That placed him at odds with members of his Party who, except for Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, were rendered comatose by the policies of Bush 41 and 43.

President Trump made many errors of substance and style, and GOP losses in 2018 predicted Trump’s showing in the 2020 Presidential election. But the decline in prospects of the Republican Party began in 1952.

The blame for the condition of the GOP must be placed on NY Governor Thomas Dewey who engineered Eisenhower’s victory over Taft, Richard Nixon’s choice of Gerald Ford as his Vice President, and Ronald Reagan’s choice of Bush 41 over Paul Laxalt. The chain of errors leading to the election of radical Democrats in 2020 is Dewey, Nixon, Reagan, Bush.

These Republican “men” let us down, so let’s see what some Republican women have to say.

Start with Elise Stefanik and her colleagues; then consider these women.

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