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What Did Trump Know and When?

February 21, 2021

The invasion of the Capitol on January 6 had all the hallmarks of Donald Trump –major marketing, planning and faulty execution.

When President Trump returned from Paris and expressed a desire to emulate the French nation’s celebration of the storming of the Bastille, I wondered if President Trump had ulterior reasons for marshalling the American military for a parade in Washington, DC.   

On February 9, 2018 when President Trump was dealt a blow in Congressional elections that year, here’s what I wrote:

In light of the likelihood that a resolution to Impeach President Trump will pass the U.S. House of Representatives in 2019, we should not take lightly the marshalling of troops to the vicinity of Washington, DC for a grand parade. Trump is not a quitter and faced with Impeachment and the criminal indictment of members of his family, those troops could come in handy.

On July 3, 2019 I expressed concern that President Trump did not rebuke then-Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell, Jr., for suggesting that the President “was owed an extension of his term as “reparations” for the Mueller investigation.”

These are the “little things” that a trained PhD in Government notices, so I mentioned my concern: 

A good way to add two years to the President’s fixed four year term is to suspend Inauguration of our next President in 2020, roll out those tanks being readied for tomorrow’s parade, and use them to change our government from one based on our Constitution to a better one in the mind of that young cadet.

I know, that’s a radical idea. But statements made by President Trump suggest that he’d really like to suspend elections and run the country his way.

Last year, shortly before Christmas, I asked

 “Is President Trump planning to stay in Office?”  And I noted that “Roger Stone encouraged the President to stage a coup d’état. Yesterday we learned that former National Security Advisor to the President, retired Army Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, met with President Trump in the Oval Office where they discussed imposing Martial Law to overturn the election result. Clearly, the President is considering how to stay in office.”

Today we learn that the FBI is investigating Roger Stone’s involvement in organizing the attack on the Capital on January 6.

Katie Benner writes for The New York Times:

The Justice Department is examining communications between right-wing extremists who breached the Capitol and Roger J. Stone Jr., a close associate of former President Donald J. Trump, to determine whether Mr. Stone played any role in the extremists’ plans to disrupt the certification of President Biden’s electoral victory, a person familiar with the matter said on Saturday.”

I don’t want to convict Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection before he is tried in a federal court, but if tried and convicted he should suffer the consequences.

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