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A Solution to “Trumpism”

March 2, 2021

President Joe Biden and Democrat radicals are the problem with what we face today, and will continue to be the problem, until forces of traditional order can recover. That may take longer than we like, but Donald Trump is not the solution, he’s a big part of the problem.

The source of disarray in American politics and culture goes as far back as the origins of the Progressive movement, the disruption to our politics visible in the ambitions of Theodore Roosevelt and his role in making it possible for the election of Woodrow Wilson. His ideology of democratic idealism—what contemporary radicals call the “Democratic Project,” filled an intellectual vacuum in the American soul and culture that has been long-lived,

Both of our political parties responded by varying degrees of acceptance of the Democratic Project, but that ideology was most destabilizing of the Republican Party. Donald Trump literally fell into a mode for recovery of traditional order by asserting the national interest over the selfless calls for spreading democracy at home and abroad, and I’m certain had no idea what he was doing.

I’ve studied and written about these issues in books, journal essays and with the introduction of Web browsers, via the Internet, since 1978—more than forty years—and have gotten into trouble for doing so because our popular politicians and intellectual leaders whom I criticize are themselves carriers of the virus eating away at the American soul.

Just as thousands of loyal Trump followers flocked to the Capitol in response to an appeal to save his Presidency, so readers of my personal blog and online postings have responded by asking how can I criticize Donald Trump in the face of the radical destruction of American politics by Joe Biden?

I can do that because Trump is not the solution and that can be found only after new leadership arises to confront the problems that assail us. The intellectual work for recovery has been done long before Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump broke through the miasma of 60’s “Liberalism,” but only a handful of persons whose names we associate with the “conservative movement” had done the reading and reflection necessary to understand how to recover from our current disorder.

My next book lays out who they are and why they are important to recovery of stability and order. I’ve posted a “Sneak Preview” that you can access here.

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