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Back to Work!

March 12, 2021

“Enuf Fun ‘N Games.”

I did my duty and warned my colleagues that Donald Trump presents a danger to civil order under the Constitution of the United States.

Now back to the type of work that scholars do, which includes finishing the last chapter of Ennobling Encounters and writing three book reviews.

Number 1. I shall enjoy reviewing Dr. Robert C. Koons A Lutheran’s Case for Roman Catholicism because I too was raised a Missouri Synod Lutheran.  That Synod retains the sung order of service on “Communion Sunday” of Martin Luther’s Augustinian Order and rejects the iconoclasm that leaves Presbyterian churches artistically baren. Dr, Koons is a Thomist which surely smoothed his entry into the Catholic Church, but let’s hear what he has to say.

Number 2. Dr. Barry Cooper at University of Calgary in Alberta Canada is one of my favorite scholars influenced by Eric Voegelin and chooses tough assignments for books he has written. His recent book, Neolithic Politics. The Human Community in Early Art is doubly interesting. I was in Voegelin’s class when he interpreted Thales in what I found unusual and I once taught a course with two or three sessions on Paleolithic Art (for two students). Hopefully Dr. Cooper attracts a larger audience! I kept slides that are essential for understanding the Paleolithic.

Number 3. Finally, I will review John von Heyking’s The Form of Politics. Aristotle and Plato on Friendship. Like Barry Cooper is influenced by Eric Voegelin and is Canadian teaching at University of Lethbridge also in Alberta. The subject of “friendship” is critical to understanding political community and Plato and Aristotle were the first to critically define this reality. Too bad so many colleges today consider them “dead.”

Writing a book review often takes as much work as writing a book, so if you don’t see me in this “space” for a while, it’s because of this homework. Where will I publish these reviews? I have no idea.

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