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Andrew Cuomo’s Pickle

March 13, 2021

At age 63, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is old enough to remember the days when young men thought all women “want it” and acted in the way that Donald Trump acted toward women and was recorded saying so in 2005.

In doing so, the Governor of the Empire State has united his own Party leaders against him because the religion of feminism is more in need of being upheld than the nursing home victims of Covid-19 that Cuomo sent to their death.

Like all secular religions, feminism ignores real differences between men and women and castigates those males who follow their hormonal drive to copulate with females.

If you free women to enter the workplace, what do you expect? And now due to dislocations to society of wars from WW I to Iraq there are few barriers to anyone doing what they please.

Young men today face formidable restraints that are imposed on them by HR Departments when they work for corporations and endure sensitivity training that none deserve.

They will engage in all sorts of avoidance including choosing not to work for companies with HR Departments, paying for sex or taking a mistress. That has its downside since the day inevitably comes when older men with younger women will watch as they leave to be with men their own age.

That’s the pickle that Gov. Andrew Cuomo finds himself in.

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