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The Deep State and Social Divisions

March 16, 2021

Lest we misperceive the real cause of divisions in American society, we must gain understanding of BLM as a political creation that serves a revolutionary political purpose. Inspired by Lenin’s 1902 essay, “What is to be Done,” BLM fulfills Lenin’s call for “large non-Party organizations with mass membership controlled by communists.”

The “Communist” party of the former Soviet Union is dead, but Lenin’s ideology is alive in Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, the People’s Republic of China and in the workbooks used at the Midwest Academy in Chicago by our first “community organizer” to become President, Barack Obama.

Peter Robinson’s interview with Stanley Kurtz, author of the 2010 study of Barack Obama’s Marxist past, titled Radical in Chief, explores Obama’s role as a “community organizer” working with extra-party means to disrupt civil society.

Black Lives Matter, representative of a mass membership non-Party organization designed to foster a chord of rejection of “racism,” has an immediate political purpose: control the U.S. Government by the extreme Left.

Our lives as American citizens are troubled by social divisions, to be sure, but not by “racism.” An encroaching Deep State of federal government agencies constitutes a Ruling Class that favors national power over the local and private—that is the real danger we confront.

On the domestic front, growth of this Deep State will spur realignment of our Two Party system, competition for control of the Deep State by coalitions of competing minority political parties, some representing real interests and others, like BLM, that are rooted in utopian ideologies.

And internationally we will see aggression by Russia, the PRC and Iran that will increase the influence and role of the United States military. The parallel between events in Spain in the 1930s and the United States today are explained my most essay published at Modern Age.

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